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Ski Hire in Obertauern

Equipment rental for your winter holidays

Pack light! It's easy when you hire your ski equipment from our partners in Obertauern.

The best gear for your ski holiday in Austria

Always be outfitted with the best equipment on your skiing holiday in Obertauern - from skis and boots to poles and helmets. Of course you'll get the newest models, and helmets and boots are always hygienically cleaned. After all, we want you to look good whilst hitting the slopes of the ski resorts in Obertauern! Plus: renting ski equipment on family ski holidays in Austria is always an affordable option!


The Best Serviced Gear

From skis to boots, poles to helmets.

Skiworld ski hire & ski service for your ski holidays in Obertauern

Trendy shops with clothing and more: a friendly team of experts awaits you. Here you can expect the best consultation and excellent equipment.

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Our special deals

4 nights 02.12.2018 - 20.12.2018
from€ 414.20 p. person


2-3 nights 13.12.2018 - 17.12.2018
from€ 218.00 p. person

Apres-Ski Package

2-3 nights 30.11.2018 - 03.12.2018
from€ 136.00 p. person/night

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