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History of the four star hotel

The "CV" of the Petersb├╝hel hotel in Obertauern

Did you know that "B├╝hel" describes an inclined path? These sloping paths presented a real challenge in the past when people mostly travelled by horse-drawn vehicles and on foot. The old Tauernstrasse road had many of these "B├╝hel" - the Gnadenb├╝hel, Johannisb├╝hel, Kirchb├╝hel and of course the Petersb├╝hel. It had a gradient of 18┬░ and before the street was rebuilt in 1956 it was especially difficult to handle in winter. In 1950, at the end of the Petersb├╝hel, Hias Aichmann Sr. laid the cornerstone for today's Hotel Petersb├╝hel, one of the most beautifully situated hotels in Obertauern, Austria.

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A lot has been done since then. Completed in 1951, the Sportcaf├ę Petersb├╝hel developed into the Gasthof Petersb├╝hel in 1956. Up until 1966 it was a purely family-run hotel with 45 beds and the family's three sons all pitched in. In 1980 the oldest son, Matthias Aichmann Jr, took over the family business and over the following few years expanded the hotel, making it the Sporthotel Petersb├╝hel with a main building and the "Lungau" building. The neighbouring "Maierh├Ąusl" was also integrated into the business.

Hotel railing in detail

Today's Hotel Petersb├╝hel

One of the most beautifully-situated ski in ski out hotels in Obertauern.

The next generation: hotelier Peter Aichmann has run the Petersb├╝hel since 2004

Matthias' son Peter took over the hotel in 2004. Under his guidance a four-storey underground car park with 63 parking spots was built in 2006. The fourth part of the hotel - the "Tauernhias" - was also built and all four parts of the hotel were connected. Peter also commissioned the renovation of the wellness area, a restaurant rebuild and an overhaul of the reception, bar and hotel lobby. Since 2013 he has run the hotel together with his wife Sonja. Today the four-star hotel Petersb├╝hel in Obertauern boasts a total of 81 rooms with capacity for up to 200 guests. A proud record...

Sonja and Peter Aichmann

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